Winter Meditations

by Ashot Danielyan

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Throw Like A Girl/SilverGirl
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Throw Like A Girl/SilverGirl I find the meditations fantastic when I'm studying, reading, or resting.
thanks Ashot.
musicformessier & Black Hill
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musicformessier & Black Hill Divine ambient! Thank you! Favorite track: November 28' Meditation.


This is the album in the genre of "Ambient-Chillout-NewAge music". This album has a relaxing and a meditative mood. The music of this album has a healing effect for the mind.

"Just enjoy this music! And I hope you will feel a very positive and peaceful emotions after listening. That was my main intention to feel a very calm, positive and peaceful emotions during the time when I was making this album. And I hope you will feel the same thing!".
Ashot Danielyan

Used synths: Roland Integra-7, Korg X50.
Used hosts: Cockos REAPER, Steinberg Cubase.

Music and performance by Ashot Danielyan.
Mixing and mastering by Ashot Danielyan.

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released December 11, 2016




Ashot Danielyan Москва, Russian Federation

Ashot Danielyan is a pianist and composer from Moscow, Russia. He composes music in a variety of styles and genres. His favourite instrument remains the piano, which he includes prominently in most of his music.

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